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Welcome to the Wisconsin Historic Rail Connection's Signal Pages. 

Many years ago, railroad companies realized the need for signaling. In the early days, flagmen were employed to guard grade crossings and protect trains from running in to each other. Then the kerosene lantern was used. After the development of electric lighting, signals started popping up all over the country.

There are signals to protect grade crossings, and signals to protect sections of track known as "blocks". Today, railroad signals are very computerized and high tech circuits are used to provide the most reliable, public friendly signaling available. Two-way radio communication has improved greatly over the years. Railroads have elaborate radio systems to keep in tough with their trains and use Global Positioning Systems to help locate trains and personal easily.

Here you will find sections of interesting railroad signals of both types. Click on one of the menu items below and you can find pictures of railroad signals from all over the Midwest.

Some railfans have railroad signals displayed in there yard. I have included some pictures and stories of these too. This section is still under development, so keep checking back for more information on the signaling that help make the railroad stay as efficient as passable.

WHRC Railroad Signal Pages
  Wisconsin Signals
  History of Railroad Signals
  Signal Removal on the Ex- IC
  Paul's Signals
  Mike's Signals (Soon)
  Other Interesting Signals

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