Cross Bucks 


Cross Bucks 

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Closeup of semiphore. Back of House Commonwealth Ave mast and flashers.
WigWag on side of Garage. WigWag at side of house. WigWag and Switch stand at rear of garage
  WigWag in Driveway  

Paul Knutson's Collection of Railroad Signals in Wisconsin

Paul Knutson has been collecting railroad signals for many years. Pictured here are some of the signals he has on display at his home. He knows where every one has come from.

Each one tells a story of railroading in the Midwestern United State. Paul's knowledge and love for railroading is very evident when you approach his yard. Inside his home, you will find many more railroad signals and artifacts.

I am planing on writing a description for many of the signals pictured here. Check back for more details.

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