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The purpose of this site is to provide to you a unique look at railroading & some of the people who have helped make rail transportation possible. This site can be divided into several sections. There are stories and pictures from different motorcar excursions and events in the Midwest, and there are the history and information sections. No matter what your interest in railroads, you will find something you like here. It is my hope you will acquire a greater understanding of railroading and the need to retain rail service for our future.

Railroads were once a very important part of many peoples lives. From transporting people over great distances, to moving large amounts of freight with ease, railroads are an economical way to help keep America on the move. This site is dedicated to the people who make rail transportation happen.

Some interesting things you will find on this site include:

  • "Jim's Railroad Motorcars"  Excursions and stories about the people who restore and operate these vehicles.
  • A large collection of Railroad Depots from Wisconsin and around the country.
  • Lots of railroad history.  Stories and pictures that describe why things are the way they are today
  • Current information and news about Midwest railroading as it becomes available.
  • Editorials wrote by people who are involved in or care a great deal about railroads and railroad operation.


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This site is comprised of many sections. Each section is basically its own web site. Click on a section below for your "connection" to some of the most interesting railroad stories and pictures around. If you have any stories you would like to see featured here, please e-mail me and tell me what you have. I am always looking for more articles about railroads.

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The Wisconsin Historic Rail Connection


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Thanks to the many people who help make this web site possible.
  • Kim Tschudy of New Glarus, WI for providing editorials, depot and historic information.
  • Paul Knutson from Lodi, WI for his unending knowledge of railroading.
  • Jim Kalrech for creating this page, providing all Webmaster services, designing & maintaining Jim's Railroad Motorcars.
  • Chris Schilling of CKH Net in Brodhead, WI for web hosting.

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