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This section is dedicated to the people of Green County, WI who have devoted much effort and many hours of thier time to make railroading in Green County work.  The sprit and ambition of those people are equal to none and they deserve to be commended for thier efforts. 

The rails of the Ex-Illinois Central in Green County are gone now, but the sprit still remains. Your comments are always welcome!
Jim Kalrath - Webmaster


This section is comprised of many sub sections.  Click on a section below for your "connection" to some of the most interesting railroad stories and pictures about Green County Railroading around. If you have any stories you would like to see featured here, please e-mail me and tell me what you have. I am always looking for more articles about railroads.

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 Ex- IC Railroad Removal Stories Editorials about Rail Removal
 Ex- IC Railroad Removal News Photos & Stories Showing Rail Removal  Recomended!
 The 1999 Depot Days Story Complete Depot Days '99 Motorcar Story
 Green County Depot Days Thanks Thanks to all who made Depot Days '99 possible
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 More Depot Days Pictures Another site with Depot Days '99 pictures
 The Ex-Illinois Central - A Tribute A pictorial tribute to the Ex-IC Railroad   Recomended!
 Reactions to ICG Rail Removal Letters about the Rails in Green County
 Save The Rails Stories Things people have done to help.
 Depot Days 2000 Depot Days 2000 Motorcars in Brooklyn!

Thanks to the many people who help make this section possible.
  • Kim Tschudy of New Glarus, WI for providing editorials, depot and historic information
  • Wisconsin Heritage Rail Corporation for their continued support.
  • Carol Strause and the people of Monticello, WI for submitting Rail articles of interest.
  • Jim Kalrath for creating these pages, providing all Webmaster services, designing & maintaining Jim's Railroad Motorcars.

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