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Green County Depot Days 1999

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Motorcar excursion: Green County Depot Days 1999

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On April 24 and 25, 1999, as part of the Green County Depot Days celebration, a National Motorcar convention was held near Monticello, WI. About 50 motorcars and their owners showed up and rides were made available to the public.

This year, over 2,200 people rode the line for what will probably be the last the last time because unfortunately, due to several political decisions, Depot Days 99 will probably be the last run as those decisions may end Depot Days. These people had a unique opportunity to enjoy an hour long Motorcar ride on one of the most scenic rail corridors in the state! This corridor is part of the former Illinois Central line that runs from Madison, WI to Freeport, Ill.

This is a great opportunity for the whole family to enjoy a seldom seen part of Green County and to view the Stewart tunnel built in 1886. This tunnel is only accessible by rail .

Trains have not used the line for some time. This rail line is in danger of being ripped up and made into a bike trail. Click on the Madison - Freeport DNR Trail Study. Most people in Green County do not want this to happen. They want to keep the rail line in place for use as a tourist attraction and Motorcar rides. The corridor is owned by the state and is well maintained by a local group that want to keep events like the "Depot Days" rides happening. Click here to learn how to Save the Rails.

The following pictures and stories illustrate some of the efforts of those who want to make this a goal a reality.


The ex Illinois Central line is in danger of being ripped up and made into a bike trail. Click below for your opportunity to voice your opinions. Thank You!

Click Button Save the Rails Survey for "Save the Rails" Survey.

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