Cross Bucks 


Cross Bucks 

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Allied Drive Crossing Allied Drive Crossing Odana Road Crossing
Steve from Midwest Rail & Dismanteling Odana Road Crossing Odana Road Crossing
Commonwealth Ave. Crossing - Madison, WI Odana Road Crossing Midvale Blvd Crossing - Madison, WI

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The Ex-Illinois Central Railroad Between Madison and Monroe, WI - Nov 10th, 1999

Work progresses on the Ex- IC railroad removal. The crew is shown here moving into the Madison, WI area. By now, most of them know who I am. The guy with the camera that checks up on them almost every day. They continue to do a nice job, cleaning up all debris as they proceed.

The first row shows the Allied Drive neighborhood coming into Madison.

The middle row shows what is happening at the Odana Road crossing well into Madison. These photos were taken on Nov 18th, 1999. In the middle left photo, Steve the crew foreman plans his next move. He organizes the crew and makes sure the job goes smoothly.

The bottom row shows the grade crossing at Commonwealth Ave. and Midvale Blvd in Madison. Commonwealth Ave will be the last section to be removed. They need to keep the rails in place there until the very last in order to transport the remainder of the rails out of the corridor.

November 24th, 1999. The crew finished up at Odana Road. They moved their equipment to Commonwealth Ave. They had to use trailers for the heavy equipment because the Glenway Road grade crossing was removed last year. In order to get to the other side of Glenway, the trailering was necessary.

Wednesday, they started removing rail at Glenway Road working north. When they get to Commonwealth, they will procede up to Camp Randall at the UW campus, and work south. This means the tracks just north of Commonwealth will be the last section of rail to be removed.

If things remain on schedule, work should be complete in less than two weeks. Click above for more updates.

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