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 Hobo Happenings

Hobo Happenings around the country, May-September - 1999

May 29-31. Bangor, WI. Songbird's Hootenanny and Anti-War Rally. Featuring Larry
Penn, Banjo Fred, Captain Dingo. Camping at the town fairgrounds, program at
Sportsman's Bar on Memorial Day afternoon

June 4-6. Atchison, Kansas. Northeast Kansas Railroaders and Liberty Justice
sponsor event at RR Museum in Steamtrain Maury's and Amelia Earharts, home town.
Liberty will sing his song about heroic engineer Britten Kraft, buried in
Atchison Cemetery.

June 11-13. Pullman, IL. South side of Chicago. Luther the Jet hosts Hobo
Weekend at Grand Hobo Concert, June 13 at the planned community where Pullman
Sleeping Cars were built. Poetry reading organized by Oats. Free concert
(donations requested) featuring Luther the Jet, Liberty Justice, Rik Plaieri
from Vermont, Sara Jane Moody and Marisa Anderson from Florence, CO., and Banjo
Fred. Camping and RV space at park.

June 11-13. Ely, Nevada. Railroad Folklife Festival: music, poetry, stories,
photos , mining and cowboy songs. Jungle with stew. Kuddie, Larry Penn, Mark
Ross, Gail Heil and Bob Bovee, Bob and Diana Suckiel. Richard Seinhemier will
show and discuss his famous Western railroad photos.

June 18-20. North Freedom, WI. Hobo weekend at Mid-Continent Railroad Museum.
Excellent camping and RV space. Free steam train rides for hobos; stew and song.

June 18-20. Dunsmuir, CA. Roadhog's old festival is on again at the Shangi-La of
railroad division points, just south of Mt. Shasta. For those wanting to hang
around until June 22, McCloud Railway will be running double-headed steam on
their line around the base of Mt. Shasta.

June 18-27. Sacramento, CA. Railfair 99. Rose Tattoo will be performing June
17-22; many other events including steam run up Feather River Canyon to Keddie
on June 26.

July 18-24. Duncan, NE. Redbird's second annual railfest at this little town
along the UP Main--many trains.

August 12-15. Britt, IA. 99th Annual National Hobo Convention, the granddaddy of
them all.

September 16-18. Pennsburg. PA. East Coast Hobo Gathering on the campus of the
Perkiomen School. Hobo musicians, artists, poets, and storytellers, free hobo
stew and trackside coffee. Hosted by Redbird Express and Keystone Bob.

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