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Do you remember those railroad motor cars you used to see in the fifties and sixties on virtually every railroad line in the U.S. and Canada? Those little yellow or orange boxes with the characteristic putt-putt sound of a two-stroke engine, sometimes towing a trailer or two loaded with ties and spikes. Did you ever wonder what happened to them? Not surprisingly, the overwhelming majority were scrapped, but a few thousand of these vehicles are still around today in running condition and in regular use.

There are a group of people who operate these vehicles as a hobby, much like snowmobiling or ATV operators do. There is one big difference though. The railroad motorcar MUST be operated on railroad tracks! In order to provide the hobbyist a place to operate their motorcars, much orginizational skills and procedures are required to work with and co-operate with the host railroad companies. With is in mind, a national organization was formed.

The North American Railcar Owners Association represents a national group of about 1,500 people who own or operate motor cars, otherwise known as railcars, speeders, jiggers or putt-putts. This group organizes 1 to 5 day rides on different railroads, with a ride being as short as 20 miles or as long as 1,000 miles. It also sets rules, makes liability insurance available and publishes a bimonthly magazine that includes reports of rides, historical articles, technical tips and facilitates the sale of railcars and railcar parts. Click here to see full story.

In order to become a member of North Central Railcars, you must be a member of NARCOA. A person becomes a NCR member by having been registered for and having operated at any NCR excursion. As a result, NCR has members from New York, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

NCR members receive the NCR newsletter, Milepost 212 published occasionally, members will also receive excursion announcements if time permits, but are encouraged to check the website and the SETOFF for the latest information.

Information on NCR can be obtained by e-mailing NCR President, David Otte.

. David Otte , President
W4347 Centerfield Circle
Waldo, WI 53093
(920) 246-2103 - Cell
Michael P. Ford, Excursion Director
7712 Carpenter Court
Plainfield, IN 46168-8035
(317) 839-9320 - Eves
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