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North Central Railcars, Ltd. POLICY BOOK
March, 2000

Note: The Complete NCR Bylaws and Policy Book are available for download below.

1. All motorcar operators shall be insured under a policy of insurance acceptable to NARCOA. When requested by the Excursion Coordinator, a motorcar operator must present evidence that he/she has such insurance which must be effective throughout the time period of the excursion. (3/96, modified 3/98)

2. The NARCOA Rulebook, and any additional rules that have been adopted by NCR, shall be enforced on all excursions. Rulebook violations noted by the Excursion Coordinator or Assistant Coordinator shall be documented, presented to the violator for his signature, and copied to the chairman of the NARCOA Judiciary Committee for possible sanctions. (3/96, modified 3/98)

3. NCR is dedicated to safe motorcar operations. To achieve this goal, each operator is expected to have a motorcar that is safe to operate, be knowledgeable about how to operate a motorcar safely, and have a safe attitude. If a safety deficiency is found by the Excursion Coordinator, the operator shall rectify the deficiency to the satisfaction of the Excursion Coordinator. (3/96, modified 3/98)

4. NCR is committed to promoting harmony and good fellowship with neighboring motorcar organizations with regard to sponsorship and promotion of motorcar excursions, and will endeavor to communicate to the fullest with those organizations whenever NCRL discovers potential excursion opportunities that could possibly be construed to be within the province of the neighboring organization(s). Whether NCRL or the neighboring organization pursues, sponsors, and promotes such opportunities is unimportant to NCRL; what is important is that the excursion opportunity is not lost to the universal brotherhood of motorcar operators, regardless of their organizational affiliation. (3/96)

5. It is a fundamental and unalterable policy of North Central Railcars, Ltd. that the corporation will not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, creed, sex, or national origin. (8/96)

6. The following policies pertain to the NCR member organizing an NCR excursion:

a. Any NCR member desiring to organize an excursion must first contact the NCR board member responsible for coordinating NCR's excursion calendar. This ensures that calendar conflicts are avoided and that the proper protocol is followed for contacting the host railroad.

b. A professional, business-like approach shall be followed when initiating contact with the railroad.

c. The Excursion Coordinator shall be the sole point of contact with the host railroad, unless he/she designates otherwise.

d. The Excursion Coordinator shall maintain a detailed financial record of all expenses paid and income received. To verify expenses for reimbursement, all receipts must be enclosed with the excursion financial statement.

e. NCR Excursion Coordinators must be Certified NARCOA Excursion Coordinators. New Excursion Coordinators must comply with the NARCOA training program leading to the designation of Certified NARCOA Excursion Coordinator.

f. The excursion registration fee is waived for the Excursion Coordinator. (3/98)

7. Reimbursement of Excursion Coordinator expenses. Excursion Coordinators are entitled to receive reimbursement of reasonable ordinary business expenses incurred for the purposes of setting up, organizing, and running motorcar excursions and for any ancillary activities normally associated with motorcar excursions. Automobile mileage, lodging and meal per diem expenses are reimbursable at the current prevailing federal government rates for such expenses. Non-travel related expenses such as postage, telephone calls are also reimbursable. Receipts must be presented to the NCR Treasurer for all non-mileage related reimbursement claims. (3/98)

8. Reimbursement of Directors' expenses. Members of the Board of Directors are entitled to receive reimbursement at current prevailing federal government rates for automobile mileage, lodging, and meal expenses incurred as a result of their duties as directors of the corporation. Receipts must be presented to the NCR Treasurer for all non-mileage related reimbursement claims. (3/98)

9. Excursion Cancellation Fee Refund Policies. The following policies will apply to all North Central Railcars-sponsored excursions:

a. Recognizing that registrations on excursions may fill up and deny others the opportunity for registration, registration cancellation will be treated as follows: A request for cancellation received more than one month prior to the excursion will be honored with a 100% refund of the registration fee paid. A request for cancellation received between two weeks prior to and one month prior to the excursion will be honored with a 75% refund of the registration fee paid. No refund will be paid for a cancellation request received less than two weeks prior to the excursion.

b. Exceptions: At the discretion of the Excursion Coordinator the above refund penalties may be reduced or eliminated if a registration cancellation has resulted from extenuating circumstances.

c. Notice to Registrants: Advertisements for all excursions should state that the NCRL refund policy will apply. A notice stating the specifics of the NCRL refund policy should be included with the initial packet of information sent to each person registering for an excursion.

d. Excursion cancellation by the Excursion Coordinator: An excursion may be canceled by the Excursion Coordinator up to one month prior to an excursion due to a lack of registrations which suggests that the excursion may incur a significant net loss for NCR if it were to go on as scheduled. A significant net loss is defined to be 200.00 or more. No cancellation can be made for this reason less than one month prior to the excursion, except for extenuating circumstances approved by the Board.

e. Excursion cancellation by host railroad: If the host railroad cancels an excursion, a 100% refund of registration fees will be paid to canceled registrants.

f. Failure of registrant to appear at excursion: Notwithstanding any/all cancellation policies enumerated above, no registration fee will be refunded if a registered operator fails to appear at the excursion. (3/99, modified 3/00)

The complete NCR Bylaws (Rev 03-2007) and Policy Book (Rev 03-2000) may be downloaded from here in .pdf format.

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